Friday, May 31, 2013


I walked into the living room last night & caught Nathan singing and dancing.  He is SO funny!  In case you can't understand what he's singing, it's Ring Around The Roses.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Weekend

Such a fun weekend!!
Originally I had planned to take the kids to Disneyland for the long weekend, but I ended up getting a cortisone shot in my ankle Thursday morning and David ended up having baseball tryouts Saturday so I had to change plans.

Saturday morning David had baseball tryouts with a new team since the team he had been playing with disbanded.  Tryouts went well & he made the team and is excited for this new opportunity.  I just met the coaches he will be playing for this weekend, and so far really like them and they did come highly recommended by other coaches we have played for in the past that I trust and respect.  After practice I stopped at the store and as I walked past the big bags of popcorn grabbed a couple and thought it would be fun to take the boys to the lake to feed the ducks and fish!  The little boys loved it!  David had fun trying to catch a fish with his hands, I told him I'd give him $20 if he could get one.  He came close a few times but luckily for me, didn't get one!  On our way home we drove through Boulder City and stopped at A&W for dinner.

Sunday afternoon the little boys and I went to the park with some friends and played for a few hours.  Monday we had so much fun!  You know it is a great day when the kids are ALL asleep before you get on the freeway to go home!  We went to Grandma & Papa's house (my mom & dad) to swim and BBQ for the holiday.  When we got up there we were so excited to see our adopted cousins & in-laws were there to play with too, we knew my brother & his family and my sister and her family would be there.  The little boys had a lot of fun playing with all the kids, there are so many the same ages it is always fun!  My boys don't have to many cousins their ages (& that are boys) so it is well worth it to drive across town to see our adopted into family!  Even David had fun playing & swimming with the older girl cousins until the boys got there!  
We had such a fun and care-free weekend, it was a good taste of what this already fun filled summer will be like!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

thank goodness it's over & a new sport

Last spring I put Thomas in t-ball for the first time.  He hated it!!  Most of the season he sat on the bench or in the dirt in the outfield, only participated when it was his turn to hit and still walked to the base!  After that I decided I was not going to do t-ball/baseball with him again.  This season he insisted that he needs to play t-ball, that he is now old enough & ready to play.  Thinking since it was his idea to play maybe the results would be better, so I signed him up for the city league instead of little league just in case I only would've wasted $40 instead of $140!  Thomas did a lot better this year with t-ball.  He had his last game on Wednesday and is glad that it is over and he never has to play baseball again!  I think we have established that baseball is not his sport!
Thomas sitting in the outfield & at bat

Since baseball isn't his thing, I talked to him about soccer, football and basketball.  According to him, he can't do soccer because he will want to use his hands and that isn't allowed, can't do football cause he'd get dead, and doesn't want to do basketball.  So, after talking about different options of things he can do we decided on karate!  He has been going for about a month now and is doing really well.  He is going twice a week to class and is really enjoying it!

Friday, May 3, 2013

A, B, C

I just love this little boy!  He is such a sweet, loving, funny, active little boy. He constantly is making me laugh!  He is doing SO well at school, he loves his teachers and enjoys going to school and loves riding the bus home!  He has recently started singing songs.  He likes 3 little monkeys, both swinging in the tree and jumping on the bed and the ABC song.