Wednesday, March 30, 2011


 I had a friend tell me that I need to update my blog, so here it is!  We really haven't been up to a whole lot... 

David is playing little league (Red Sox)  and club ball (LV Knights), so 5-6 days a week we have baseball. He has also finished his 4th grade work and has started on next years assignments! As well as having cub scouts every week. 

Tommy is....Tommy.  He is still as stubborn as ever!  He is LOVING the weather right now and being able to ride bikes with his friend Chillin who lives across the street and jumping on the trampoline. 

Nathan has been SO sick this week.  He had rotovirus.  He is finally starting to act like his normal, happy, sweet little self!  He likes to spend his days following everyone around and climbing on the kitchen table. 
Keith is getting ready to start range month at work.  He got a new schedule which we LOVE!! He works 5a-1p, it will be much better when we move so he doesn't have to leave the house at 3:30am.
That's about it!  Not up to anything to exciting here!!  We are looking forward to a Disneyland trip in April though!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Red Sox

Saturday was opening day for little league!  It was so cold & windy!!  Opening ceremonies were held to kick off the season in the morning.

Nathan enjoying a poptart in the wind

David (bottom center in both pics) with his team walking onto the field
The Red Sox played their first game of the season Saturday afternoon and won 3-0.  Way to start off the season!!

Friday, March 18, 2011


David got his Bear, 5 arrow points and religious knot at cub scouts this week! Good job David!  We are proud of you and all the hard work you did to accomplish this!!

Bishop Rickey came up to Lakes stake pack meeting to present David his religious knot.  Thanks Bishop!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

14 months

Nathan is 14 months old!!!
He is such a happy little boy!  He is walking everywhere and is into everything!  Some of his favorite things to do is climb on anything and everything, the funnest thing to climb is on top of the kitchen table. He talks nonstop!  His newest word is papa!  He likes to say Daaaab (naynay for david), ba-ba, mmmmmom, da-da.  He is such a fun little boy, it is kinda sad that my baby is growing up SO fast! But we love him so much and are so glad he is part of our family.