Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Swiss Days

This weekend David's baseball team, Las Vegas Rebels, had a tournament in St. George.  So, we headed up there Friday after school for a weekend full of baseball.

Nathan in the hotel room before the games Saturday.
My stroller, with 2 ice chests, 2 backpacks full of toys, a bag of snacks, a scooter and a bike
David at bat, he hit the ball well and got on base & eventually made it home
 While we were watching the games we had to have a snow cone! (these were the smalls!)

the boys found friends to play with at the games, and spent most of the day playing in the dirt and riding bikes/scooters with the other kids

David on 1st base after hitting the ball

 Uncle Rhys came to one of David's games & it was fun to see him and his puppies!   After David's last game we went to Uncle Rhys's house and swam (or rinsed off...either way) for a little bit and then headed to McDonalds to eat & play the last of our energy out.  

And this.... is what the boys looked like before we made it out of Utah! AND they stayed that way until they woke up Sunday morning!!

Monday, September 17, 2012


As I sit here, all the kids are in bed, the only noise is from the washing machine and the sound of the keyboard. I am thinking back to six years ago, I was at Southern Hills hospital at this time.  Just a few hours from now I was delivering Gabe.  That was still, hands down the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I am so thankful for my loving doctor that insisted I take the emotionally harder way, knowing that it would be better for me.  I am so thankful for him, and my family and friends that have helped me so much and have literally carried me through.
I have decided this year that I am not a fan of the month of September.  This year it seems that September has been so much harder than it has in years past.  I always think about Gabe and how he has changed our lives.  But it's different this year, I don't think I have not cried at least once a day these last few weeks.  
I still feel so grateful for the lessons and blessings that he has brought into my life and for the lessons that I still am learning.  I was able to spend this weekend at the temple, both Friday & Saturday night.  It was amazing.  I am really glad that I decided to continue the tradition and to spend time there during the weekend of the 17th.  
I found this song not to long ago & really like it.  
I just sit in amazement at how one little life can cause such mighty changes and can teach so much.  

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


We have survived our first week of middle school & kindergarten!! 
David got his class assignments and so far really likes his teachers, especially the ones that let them eat in class!  He got his locker situation figured out and no longer needs to beat it up :)  
Thomas still tells me that school was dumb.  For the first time Friday he initiated conversation with his teacher!  He was trying to figure out the way he can get the most points so he can shop for more things in the treasure chest!  Thomas was really hard to wake up for school today until I reminded him that he needs to go to school or he won't get points to be able to shop with, that got him up & dressed pretty quick.  Thomas got his first progress report sent home today, he got a "good" on keeping his hands to himself and "on occasion" for being on task, listening to directions and trying his best!  Not to bad for his first week! 
Nathan loves to go to the school to pick Tommy up, he longingly looks at the playground every day and says mommy I playground, and every day I have to tell him not today.  Three more years buddy!  He loves to find Thomas in the line of kids and runs to him and gives him the biggest hug and kiss.  Nathan misses his brothers while they are at school but is loving being the center of attention and not being told how to play.