Monday, June 25, 2012


David made the All-Star team for little league!!  They have been practicing every night for the last week & will continue to do so until games start (which has really messed with our vacation plans!).  They play the other little league all star teams in town.  David is pretty excited about it, especially since the kids were chosen by the league officials and there are only 11 kids on the team out of probably about 200 kids that played in the league.
Games start on Friday the 29th & I'm sure David would LOVE to have fans at his games!  All the games are at Arroyo Grande Park (298 Arroyo Grande Blvd.) 

David's All-Star Schedule
Friday June 29 ~ 5:15pm
Tuesday July 3 ~ 7:30pm
Thursday July 5 ~ 5:15pm
Friday July 6 ~ 7:30pm
There are 9 teams in his age bracket so depending on how his team does....the top 4 teams advance to the semi-finals

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sea World

A few weeks ago as I was taking David to school we had the radio on.  They announced to be caller 20 to win a family 4 pack of Sea World tickets.  David said "hey lets call" so we did & I WON!!  Not only did I win 4 Sea World tickets, but also a gift certificate for the hotel room!
So, we went to Sea World this last weekend.  The boys LOVED it!!  It is a successful vacation when the kids cry because they aren't going back and have to go home. 

dolphin show

this girl is skiing on the dolphins.  as she went past us Thomas looked at me & said "I am going to do that behind Papa's boat this year, I need to tell Papa we need to get dolphins instead of a tube"  Good luck with that T!!

 We got to feed the Sea Lions fish

Thomas & David
Nathan did not want to put his head through the hole but was standing next to his brothers!

Thomas went on this ride & hated it!!  He screamed the entire time!

All day I tried to get a good picture with the boys....sadly, this was the best one!!  I do love Tommy's face though :)  

We rode this ride alot!  Both Thomas & Nathan loved it.  One of the rides Nathan kept putting his arm around David giving him a hug and saying "hi my david"  such a sweet boy!!
All the boys LOVED the starfish/teacup ride! 
We ended our Sea World trip with the Shamu Rocks show, it was fun & the boys really liked the music and fireworks.  It was such a fun trip and we had such a good time!  Definitely a trip we will have to do again! 

flip n out

I took the boys to Flip N Out last week, it is like Pump it Up/Bounce U but they have trampolines as well as inflatables.  The boys had a great time & all fell asleep on the way home!

They all had so much fun on the trampolines.  Thomas loved doing summersaults over the big ball, David had fun throwing & catching the balls and Nathan had fun running & jumping on the tramps! 

They had a lot of fun & really enjoyed themselves!  A fun indoor summer activity for sure!  Although, we did end our day at the doctor's with Thomas having a concussion.  He climbed up the inflatable slide & instead of sitting to go down, bounced on his bum on the way down making himself flip & roll down the slide and ended up rolling off the bottom of the slide landing on his head on the concrete floor.  He lost consciousness for a few seconds.  I was concerned with how he was acting after so we called & ran up to see the doctor.   He is ok, had a horrible (obviously) headache for the rest of the night & most of the next day, but thankfully was not more serious than it was. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

first week of summer

 We have had a very fun filled first week of summer!  So far we have had 5 bbq/swim parties and a park day.  The boys have lived in their swimsuits & have loved it! 
David has been waking up around 8 while Thomas & Nathan roll out of bed around 10.  It's GREAT!!  Especially since they are all still going to bed around 9.  The little boys get up, eat and take off their jammies to go outback and swim in the little pool before their day begins, David gets up and eats while watching sports center or the olympics or some other sports on tv. 

We found this AMAZING new park not to far from us today.  The boys had a blast!! We went after dinner, which was perfect since the sun was behind the mountain making it perfect park weather!

Thomas climbed the rock wall

David & Tommy were having fun spinning

The little boys LOVED playing on the splash pad, they even "tricked" David into getting wet!
This little boy is SO sweet!!  When he wants a kiss, he will say that he wants a "mmmmmmm" This is a tunnel that he was crawling through & would stop at every opening and say "mommy mmmmmm" & I would have to go over & kiss him before he would move on.  I love this little boy!!
Nathan LOVED the swings!!  It was really hard getting a good picture of him having so much fun on the swings while I was pushing him!

We are looking forward to the rest of our summer vacation.  A few things that we have planned are....Sea World, Disneyland, David going to Utah, me & the little boys going to Utah, Tommy turning 5, getting David ready for 6th grade and Tommy ready for kindergarten & spending lots of time in the pool!!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Happy Birthday David!!

 Happy Birthday David!!!
David turned 11 today!  I can't believe how fast time has flown by! 

this has always been one of my favorite baby pictures of David

 For D's birthday, I had planned to surprise him by waking him up early and taking him to Disneyland, but yesterday at school he was given several birthday & end of year party invitations.  One of them was for today & he talked all day yesterday about how much he was looking forward to I told him my plans for Disney for his birthday and let him decide.  He thought about it for a few hours and decided that he would rather spend the day with his friends than with his mom! (sad day for me!!) So, he spent majority of his day at the pool with his friends.  Then we had his birthday dinner of choice, In-N-Out & opened presents.  He got a 49ers jersey, a Dodgers shirt, some games and sports cards & baseball gear. 

Happy Birthday David!  We love you!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

2 1/2

I can not believe that my baby is 2 1/2 today!  Where did the time go?!  I just love this little boy!  He is SO funny & so much fun to have in our home & family.  This picture of him is a few weeks old, but I love his mischievous little face. 
Nathan loves to help me cook & bake.  As soon as he sees me or hears me in the kitchen he immediately stops what he is doing, runs and pushes a chair from the table to wherever on the counter I am and will start to help me.  He loves to sing and talk.  He loves to ride his bikes and scooter and to be outside.  He tries really hard to play baseball with "my Dabid" and can throw a pretty good.  Thomas is his best friend.  They do pretty much everything together.  Nathan is such a sweet boy he loves to give hugs and "mmmmmm's" (kisses)  He is VERY much into Mickey Mouse and Minnie although he prefers Minnie. He loves food & ice cream.  He is working on potty training right now & is doing pretty good.  Nathan is not a fan of nursery, every week we walk by he stops points at the door and says "no babies mommy."  He is such a good boy and is so eager to please and to help.  We love you SO much Nay-Nay.


David had his final cub scout pack meeting last night! He earned a bunch of activity pins & his arrow of light!!
D getting his activity pins
 Arrow of light ceremony

 receiving his arrow of light award
 and crossing the bridge from cub scouts to boy scouts!
Great job David!!  We are SO proud of you!

Friday, June 1, 2012

swim time!!

The boys have always been part fish.  They LOVE to swim in the bathtub & usually flood the bathroom from it.  This year we got a pool with a slide for them.  Ok, it isn't the biggest & best pool but they love it!!
**disclaimer** Nathan is potty training right now so he is naked all day anyways & the boys usually decide to go swimming while they are in the middle of riding bikes or playing outback so they strip down & swim naked :) and yes, Nathan has his shoes on while swimming

 These two are so funny!!  They are best friends and usually play so nice & have so much fun together!  Nathan is going to miss Tommy so much when he starts kindergarten next year.
We also have a water table outback that they love to play with.  In the winter we fill it with moon sand (so much cleaner than having that in my house!!) and in the summer with water.  Nathan decided that this year it makes a good little personal pool for him!!
David saw me posting this & wanted to make sure that everyone is clear that he does not go in the little pool with the babies nor does he run around naked outside like they do!!