Saturday, September 13, 2014

RedRock Saturday

Thomas has been asking to go to RedRock for a few weeks so today after baseball practice we headed up!  
Thomas laid on the rock being like a lizard

 I made the boys take some pictures together
 we found lizards...

 and climbed lots of rocks
 and had a fun time!
 we even got to see donkeys!

Monday, September 1, 2014

First day of school!

We started to get ready for school with all three boys getting haircuts.  They all needed one but Thomas was the most drastic! He decided a few months ago he wanted to grow his hair long, up until he sat in the chair to get his haircut he was only going to get his hair cleaned up...then he changed his mind for a buzz!
David is at Brown Jr High in 8th grade this year! He is in the IB program and his first class starts at comes really early but at least he will be ready for seminary next year!
Thomas is at Morrow ES this year in 2nd grade. He has a friend in his class that he went to school the last two years at the charter school with so he is adapting really well to his new school.  He lives having all the specials like music, art and pe! He's gotten to go to safe key after school a few times and thinks that is the coolest thing ever!
And Nathan..he is at Morrow too, back in Ms Charolette and Ms Sandy's class. It's his third and final year for early childhood preschool program. It had been so amazing to watch him grow and learn these last few years!  He loves school still, his best buddy Deagan is in his class again and he gets to ride the bus home from school so life is good! 

We celebrated making it through the first week of school with some ice cream...David was at the high school football game so he didn't celebrate with us. 

High Rollin

We got an awesome groupon deal for the high we went and played tourist at the linq for the evening. David was at wet n wild with some friends. 

Nathan & Thomas playing at Polaroid.  

Thomas makes the best faces!! He was so scared to go on the Ferris wheel!

But faced his fear and LOVED it!!

While we were on the high roller Nathan found the monorail and of course HAD to go on it!  

We had such a fun night! On the way home Nathan said thank you for taking me to the pretend disneyland, can we go to the real one in the morning!!


I can not believe that Thomas is 7!!!  It seems like just yesterday the doctor was telling me to get ahold of Keith because at 5:00 he was doing an emergency c-section. 
This little boy has challenged me in ways I could never have imagined since the day I found out I was pregnant with him. He still challenges and pushes and teaches me daily. Everything I thought I knew about being a mom went out the window with this kid! 
He picked his traditional Santa ice cream cake for his birthday. We had a fun day swimming at Lake Las Vegas and then having (his choice) pizza and dog pop (mug root beer) before opening presents and having cake. 

Happy Birthday T-bo!