Sunday, February 27, 2011

naughty nay-nay

I love Nathan SO much, but he is getting to be such a naughty little stinker these days!
 He is currently a BIG fan of climbing on furniture.  His favorite things to climb are the train toy box, kitchen table and the all time favorite...climbing onto the couch followed by running around the couch to the homeschool computer table to stand on that.  All while laughing!!  

Last week I came out of the bedrooms and couldn't find Nathan.  I checked all his favorite hiding places and still no Nay-Nay.  I even asked Tommy where he was and he said "uh taking a nap". Finally I heard a noise, turned around and found Nathan had wedged himself inside the entertainment center.  The space he fit in is not much bigger wide than a dvd case.  He took the shelf out and was sitting in there. 
When I saw him I said "Nay-Nay  what are you doing in there"

 He smiled at me and said "surprise!!" 
He is such a little stinker, but I couldn't imagine life or my days without him.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


For President's Day this year we went to Brianhead with Grandma, Papa, Steve, Lidia, Abby, Jake, Bryan, Allison and Alexis.  We had lots of fun in the snow!!

 Can't even tell Nathan's pants are "light red!!

 Tommy had lots of fun sledding down the driveway with Abby and Grandma.  He even had his hands up for the fun ride!  Even Nathan got to sled. 

 Keith worked his upper body out a lot that weekend shoveling snow!

 David had a great time skiing.  He brought his friend Cody with him and they were hardly seen all weekend.  They had fun playing in the snow and skiing together.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Nay-Nay is walking!  He is getting a little braver and more confident day by day.  He LOVES the praise and excitement he gets when he walks to you! If he is playing with his brothers or is in a hurry crawling is faster, but in no time at all he will be running after them.