Monday, January 30, 2012

St. George Tournament

We spent this last weekend in St George for the Superbowl Baseball Tournament.  David's team did pretty good considering this is their first tournament as a full team!  They didn't have enough kids for a full 10U team, so David had been playing on their 12U team before.

This is a video of David's ground rule double (that means he was only allowed to get to second base, he hit the ball & it bounced right before going over the fence)  David played very well overall & even got hit in the arm by a pitch!  By the time he stole second base his arm felt alot better!!

(sorry you can't see where the ball went or David running the two bases...I forgot I was videoing & was watching him & the ball over the camera...oops!!)

Even the little boys had a lot of fun!  There was dirt to play in & hills to climb and explore! I love this picture of Tommy holding Nathan's hand helping him up the mountain (not even told/asked to help him either)!
 After the last games Saturday we went back to the hotel and enjoyed the indoor heated pool/spa.  Sunday we slept in and then we got to spend the day with our cousin Kennedy & aunt MaryAnn & Jake, had a super fun dinner together & headed home! 

Monday, January 23, 2012

M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!!

We went to Disneyland this weekend, I found out late Thursday afternoon that David didn't have school on Friday for teacher inservice day, but we couldn't leave any earlier since he had procrastinated doing his project that is due Tuesday, plus since my car needs to get some work done I had rented a car to pick up Friday.  Anyways, we left later than I had wanted to Friday had lots of fighting between the boys and got to California about 11pm.  We got up early Saturday and  my weekend just got worse!  I slipped in the mud behind the car as I was trying to load all of our stuff in it & dropped our jackets in a puddle but managed to salvage most of them with little wetness.  Then when we got to the park and I was loading the stroller I realized that the ice chest had dumped and the back of the car had a few inches of water in it and the jackets were sitting in the water!  Only Tommy's was not able to be worn, so he ended up with a new Disney jacket!  It only lightly drizzled/rained for the first few hours, but made it nice cause there was no lines and we had raincovers for the strollers so it was great!! 
 Tommy & Nathan enjoying a mickey shaped sucker (& Nathan flexing his muscles, being a bully & pulling Tommy's hair)
 The kids rode the firetruck down Main Street with grandma & papa and Tommy got to sit by the bell and LOVED ringing it!
 Sunday morning we went back to Disney, I was SO proud of the little boys!!  Tommy has NEVER liked the characters and Nathan is still scared of them & only likes to see the from afar.  But we got in line with our cousins to see Mickey and when it was our turn they both on their own, went up to Mickey for a picture!!
The little boy cousins had really cute matching shirts for Disney (the girl cousins had adorable skirts/shoes/shirts & hairbows too) we tried to get a cute boy cousin picture and this is what we got!! 
 Then we went to Marie Callenders for late lunch with Great Grandpa Allison.  It was so fun to see him, Gwen, Bob, Sherry, Rhonda, Raquel & Michael!  Tommy & Nathan fell asleep in the car on the way to lunch and stayed asleep till it was time to go! So, that's them asleep in the stroller!

Abby is one of Nathan's absolute favorite cousins!  He ALWAYS talks about Abby and PaPa! Even now he is trying to grab the computer saying Abby, Abby, Abby!!  As we were leaving lunch he & Abby were holding hands walking out of the restaurant. 
We had a GREAT time at Disney with our cousins!!  It makes us sad that they live far away and we don't get to see them as often anymore!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

crazy busy boys!!

We have had a very busy January & it isn't going to slow down anytime soon!  Maybe in February....
We started January with Nathan turning 2, we celebrated that night (6th) by going to Chuck E Cheese for dinner, opening presents & having cupcakes at home.  

This is Nathan enjoying David's gift to him....a bag of gummy worms!
 another favorite, a remote control truck
We had Nathan's birthday party this last weekend, which is our only weekend in town this month!
 Nathan's favorite treat from his party....chocolate covered Mickey oreo pops!

We have lots of fun things planned for this month. 
 We are going to Disneyland this weekend with all of my family which we are very much looking forward to, not just to go to Disney, but to go with all of our cousins! I love that my kids have such a good relationship/friendship with my siblings kids!  
The following weekend we are going to St. George for David's baseball tournament! And to have Jake help replace the lower control arms on my durango, its a lot cheaper (& fun) to have family help fix stuff & I can buy parts and dinner! We love you Jake & so so very much appreciate you!! 

David has midterms right now at school & according to his teacher is doing very well.  He also has little league baseball signups this month, which means in about 1 1/2 months we will be on 2 teams, club & league so baseball will even more so consume our lives for a few months! He just received his webelos award in cubscouts and is working towards his arrow of light.  I didn't get any pictures of it though, just as I was juggling little boys and grabbing my camera they called me up to get the mother's pin. 
Tommy is doing good at preschool, still tells me almost everyday that he is mad at me for taking him, but loves it in class & participates and is making lots of friends.  He also gets to do baseball signups this month, he wants to play t-ball!!  That will definitely be a sight to see & I am really looking forward to it! Although it adds more practices & games to an already busy schedule! He is still going to speech and is thankfully making a lot of progress and hopefully will be done before he starts kindergarten this fall! We did find out though that he is lactose intolerant & are now cutting all dairy out of our diets!!
Nathan is good!  He loves to play outside, eat & ride his bike and scooter.  He just lost his tube out of his right ear, so hopefully he doesn't need to get another set, fingers crossed! 
I am doing good, still a little sore but got the all clear from the surgeon.  She said I should be sore for a few  months! But, life is fun and crazy busy with all these boys and is just going to get more so with these little boys growing up and being able & wanting to be involved in lots of stuff!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2!!! Can you believe it!

Nathan's 2 year old birthday party invitation 
Nathan's 2 year old picture
Nathan's 2 year old picture 

 I can not believe that Nathan is 2!!  It seems like just yesterday he was born.  I am certainly not ready for my baby to be so grown up already!  Nathan loves to play with his brothers, puppies, food & candy, read stories, play in water and be outside no matter how cold it is!  He is an amazing sleeper, he will usually take a 2-3 hour nap and goes to bed & falls asleep at 8:30 and usually gets up between 7-8.  He is one tough little boy!!  Nathan is always so happy and is really easy to please.  He is such a lover... he has to kiss and hug everyone that is in the house or he can't go to bed at night, in the morning he has to find his brothers and says hi to them and gives them hugs & kisses. If someone is crying or gets hurt he will go to them and try to hug them better, he's such a sweet little boy.  I can not imagine Nathan not being in our family!!  He is such an amazing little boy & I just love him so much!!  Happy birthday Nathan!!

Nathan's 2 year old stats
weight: 25.6 lbs (20-25th%)
 height: 34 inches (25-30th%) 
head: 50 cm (75-90th%)
He is right on the 50% track for his age

mattress fun

The boys all got their rooms upgraded a little this weekend....they had a blast playing on the stacked up mattresses while I was rearranging!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Weekend

We had so much fun over Christmas weekend!
We played games with our cousins & decorated gingerbread houses (and ate the candy for them!)

We had a 'snowball' fight with our cousins out front
I love this picture, David is to cool, Nathan is trying to get away from Santa (still not to sure how he feels about him), Tommy wants nothing to do with him (does not like him at all!) I'm trying to keep Nathan from bumping my day old incision & am a little drugged up, and Keith just looks annoyed at all of it!

The boys stockings hung under their pictures
 the tree & presents after Santa came Christmas Eve
 David & Tommy trying to decide where to start
 Nay-Nay totally happy just having some milk

 Tommy trying to find a present with a ''T" on it for him, and Nathan found a sit & spin that was left for him!  He sat and played while the other boys opened gifts and made Nathan a pile of his gifts.
 Tommy got a new bey stadium
 Finally convinced Nathan to open a present, he got Mickey & Pluto!  He sat the box on top of the sit & spin and continued to play on it! Such a funny boy!
 And he got a puppy!!  He loves this puppy, it goes to bed with him every night & it goes everywhere with us!  
 hugging his puppy
 I love this picture of Tommy... after all the presents were open and we were starting to open and put things together he sat down and started crying.  When I asked him what was wrong he through hysterical crying said that Santa hates him!!  I asked him why Santa hates him and Tommy said because he didn't bring him anything he wanted, then threw himself on the ground crying!!  Poor kid....only got everything he asked for!
 In the afternoon we went to my mom's house and opened more presents, had dinner and the kids did a version of the Nativity. David was a shepard,  Tommy was a donkey but wanted to sit and not participate, and Nathan was a wiseman. 

(Nathan & Cassidy playing outback)
We had such a fun Christmas weekend!  It was so much fun to have all of our cousins here to celebrate and play with these last few weeks!