Thursday, April 28, 2011

getting ready for summer!!!

With the weather being SO nice lately the boys have been spending a lot more time outside playing.  Nathan thought, (and did this with no help from his brothers) that now is as good as time as any to start practicing his swimming skills!!  He did stick his face in and blow bubbles and drink the water.  Silly boy!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Before and After

I took my girls, I mean boys in for some MUCH needed haircuts.  David was to cool to let me take pictures of him before and after, but the little boys let me :) 

 Nathan before, with his long curling over pretty hair, I could take it above his neck and make a one inch ponytail!!
Nathan after... so cute!  But looks so much older!
Tommy before
and my much older looking Tommy after!

Fun Week!! (warning...its a long one!!)

We started off our week with Keith's sister getting married.  
 Nathan LOVED the cake, and Tommy slept through the entire reception!
 The next morning we headed to Disneyland for the week!!
 We had a fun time on Small World

 Tommy was FINALLY tall enough, he went on Soarin' Over California and really liked it, until the jets came and the fireworks started. 
 Haha!!  Then I took him on Tower of Terror!  He was not a fan of it at all!!  But did get a t-shirt for going on!

 Nathan LOVED playing in the water play area at California Adventures.
 Wore himself right out!!

 Nathan learned how to go down the slide by himself, and we had lots of fun running through Redwood Challenge

 And of course, we can't forget the teacups.... Tommy's new favorite ride!  We only went on them 3 times in a row!!
 On the way home we stopped to see Great Grandpa.  The kids were really tired/cranky and we had a really hard time getting a picture!! Tommy is behind the bear in the first one.

 Overall we had a really fun vacation and week and can't wait to go to Disney again!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Pine Wood Derby

 We had our pine wood derby this week.  David worked with Papa on his car, Tommy played with the tape measure while his got worked on.

 working hard on the car!!
 Tommy is very proud of his blue Lightning McQueen ho-ho pirates car!  But to shy to show his eyes for a picture!

 Excited for the race to start!!
 David and Tommy's cars.  Tommy managed to break the top corners off his car before the race started.  

  Nathan cheering and clapping!

Of course, the night wouldn't be complete without an injury!! Tommy hit his head on the corner of the wall at the church.  I took him to the doctor the next morning and he ended up with a mild concussion.