Wednesday, July 16, 2014

busy summer so far

We have had a busy and fun summer so far!  It's hard to believe the summer is half way over...(yay!!) It will be nice to go back to 7:30pm bedtimes and scheduled days again but till then....

 Our babysitter Meg, got married in June.  She had an ice cream bar at her reception and the boys were in HEAVEN!  Although Thomas did tell her that "getting married was the worst thing that she could ever do and now she can't babysit him anymore, good job!" That kid kills me sometimes, but we are so happy for her and miss her already!

We've gotten to spend lots of time swimming at Grandma & Papa's house in the new pool & water slide with our cousins

David's baseball team went to Phoenix for the "All Night Woody" Tournament.  I didn't go with him to this tournament, I didn't think the little boys would make it...they started the tournament at 6pm and played their last game of the tournament at 3am!!  The boys had a great time!

After David got home from his tournament he headed up to baseball camp at BYU.  He loved it again this year and made a lot of new friends.  We stopped at the candy store in St. George on the way home and Thomas picked out these mustaches that he shared with Nathan on the way back. 
I didn't stay the week in Utah like I did last year with the little boys, but we did manage to go to Bridal Veil Falls while we were up there and fed the fish in the pond.
and car hit 100,000 miles on the way home from baseball camp!

We spent 4th of July with Lidia's family and had a GREAT time!  They made a huge slippery soapy slip and slide in the back yard that the kids had a great time playing on.

The kids had fun watching the neighbors light off the good/illegal fireworks
and playing with sparklers

We've also spent a lot of time this summer so far at the lake with cousins.  
Thomas & Nathan have both discovered how fun the tube is and love to "toilet bowl" and tell Papa to "hit it"

David has mastered wakeboarding this summer and earned his wakeboard merit badge. 

 Thomas and Nathan both tried the horse shoe water ski.  Nathan is not quite ready for it but Thomas did pretty good, and is willing to try it again! 
 I love this picture of Nathan...he was playing with the girl cousins and the girls were playing dress up.  Nathan came downstairs in a princess dress and a raccoon skin hat!  Such a good cousin!!  He was SO happy when Jake got to Grandma's and he had a boy cousin to play with!

 And finally....Nathan earned his orange stripe belt at karate!  

Whew....I won't wait another 6 weeks to post!  David is at scout camp this week and Thomas is in California at the beach and Disneyland with cousins and grandparents and Nathan is LOVING being an only child getting, doing and watching whatever he wants!  

Monday, June 16, 2014

Happy Birthday David!

I know....I'm a week late posting this!  But...
I can't believe I have a teenager!!!  It seems like just yesterday he was a baby. 
 We did presents and cake at home Sunday after his tournament.  He got a new pair of cleats that he got to open Saturday night so he could wear them Sunday in his games, he also got some movie tickets, clothes and video games. 

Happy Birthday David!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Preschool Graduation round 2

Nathan graduated from the Early Childhood Program today...for the second time.  This was his second year and it is amazing to look at how he was when he started the program and even to where he was this time last year to where he is now.  Totally different kid.  I am so excited and grateful he will be there again next year and with the same teachers and friends...third times a charm right?!

 Nathan with his teacher & with his best buddy

Thursday, May 29, 2014

crazy busy....normal

I can't believe it has been just over a month since I last blogged....yes I can, we have been super crazy busy, like normal!

Here's what we've been up to....

Nathan decided to get his "lake do" early this year....after he finished getting his bath he wanted to play for a minute, when I went back in to check on him I found him with a razor in his hand, very proud of himself that he "got some hairs"!  My only thoughts were 1-thank goodness he isn't a girl and just ruined his long pretty hair and 2- good thing he didn't cut himself (or shave his eyebrows off!)

Thomas and Nathan both tested this last month in karate and each advanced a rank.
 Thomas lost another tooth.  That makes 4 teeth gone and three really really wiggly ones still hanging on in his mouth.

 We have had lots of baseball games...the little boys have learned to take naps in their chairs during long tournament weekends!

 I successfully finished my semester at school and am getting ready to take the state licensing tests.  I start my next school adventure June 10th.
 David had his final band concert of the year and did great!

 David also got glasses/contacts!  He told his baseball coach a few weeks ago that he was having a hard time seeing the ball when it was being pitched.  His coach told me about it and finally David admitted after practice one night that he was having a hard time.  The next morning I made him an eye appointment and sure enough...he can't see.  He has contacts that he wears almost daily, and a pair of glasses that look pretty good on him.  He also has a pair of "just in case baseball glasses" that he keeps in his baseball bag with contacts just in case.   Although he is on his second pair of glasses within two weeks since he somehow managed to break his flexible, titanium glasses within the first 4 days of having them!
 We joined the summer bowling program and went for the first time on Memorial Day.  The kids had a blast and can't wait to go back!  Can't beat free bowling!!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Spring Break 2014

This last week the boys had their Spring Break.

I had class on Monday, so Keith took them to AdventureDome for the day.
David told Nathan he was scared so Nathan held him so he could be brave.
Thomas & Nathan

Tuesday was a boring day...I had to take my car in for a recall fix that was supposed to take 2-3 hours...9 hours later we left the dealership with a rental car!  I ended up getting my car back on Wednesday, but after spending the day at the dealership we got out of there with just enough time to get the little boys to karate and David to baseball.

Wednesday we went to Bounce U

the boys had lots of fun sliding, playing and knocking eachother around!

We also dyed our Easter eggs on Wednesday

Thursday the Spring Tournament started for David!  We spent Thursday and Friday at the ball fields for David's games.

Saturday we went to Bass Pro Shops and visited the Easter Bunny and participated in their egg hunt.  The little boys had a lot of fun collecting eggs and candy!  Thomas was to scared to sit next to the bunny but still smiled, Nathan was thrilled to be able to sit by him!

Monday, March 17, 2014

busy busy!

warning: this is gonna be a long's been a busy month and I finally have a minute to catch up!

 Thomas tested and earned his purple belt in karate.  Nathan also tested and earned his white/gold belt.  Nathan refused to let me take his picture with his new belt...he still asks for his old belt every time he gets dressed for karate.
 Beginning of March I took the boys to Touch A Truck again.  They of course, loved it.  Nathan's favorite was the garbage truck
 Thomas liked being in the back of the highway patrol car
 and they both loved playing in the back of the road construction truck!

 we went to Lowe's and made bird houses
 Papa gave Thomas an old cell phone a few weeks ago and it had Sims game on it.  He has been playing that game nonstop.  The other day he came to me with a piece of paper that had a "recipe" on it.  It said steak, potatoes, corn, carrots  He told me that he needed to eat all those ingredients because his Sims character eats that stuff.  I asked him if I made that for him if he would try it, he said yes.  Luckily I had all the ingredients for his recipe and made it for him.  He LOVED it!!  So much in fact that he had steak for breakfast the next morning and took steak for lunch at school!  He asked me during dinner why I never let him eat this before!?!?! Seriously kid!!  I've begged you for how many years to eat something other than corn dogs and peanut butter (with no crust) sandwiches!
 This last weekend I took the kids to Phoenix for David's baseball tournament. 
 I can't believe how old/big Nathan looks here!  I keep forgetting he isn't my baby anymore when I see pictures like this...

 David batting & catching (he is in the grey camo uniform)  He hit very well this tournament, stole lots of bases, made some great catches in the outfield and played catcher one of the games.  His team lost the semi final game 11-10 to a team that previously this tournament won 12-0 and 8-0 and this team they lost to mercy run ruled them in San Diego earlier this year (that's really bad) so it was a huge improvement as a team and was really neat to watch how well these boys are learning to play together. 
 After a full day of watching David play ball we went to the Arizona/Indians spring training game at Goodyear Field.  It was a lot of fun and the kids had fun despite having to be at ball fields all day!
 When we got home from Phoenix Thomas FINALLY let me take the training wheel (yes just one) off his bike!  He broke one training wheel off awhile ago and insisted that he couldn't ride his bike if I took the other one off.  He helped me take the training wheel off, jumped on his 2 wheel bike and has been riding around like a champ!
Now we are looking forward to a few days off this week from baseball practice, catching up on school work, spring break (even though half of it we will have a baseball tournament in) and making summer vacation plans!