Sunday, November 23, 2008

I think we have a problem over here!!

That is exactly what David calmly said last night, in his pajamas playing his ds, as smoke is coming out from behind the couch he is sitting on! I had just gotten Tommy out of the bath, and was getting a diaper for him when David let us know that there was smoke coming from behind the couch. I immediately told him to go to Sharon's (our neighbor) and he quickly and obediently left, I quickly put a diaper on Tommy and grabbed jammies for him, my keys and cell phone and went with him outside while calling 911. As I was getting the kids out, Keith pulled the couch away from the wall, and ran outside and turned off the power. Henderson Fire Department got here within minutes! Two engines with lights and sirens!!
They came in with all their fire gear on and used their axes to make this hole in my wall.

Our plug had a crack in it causing it to start on fire! It started sparking and smoking then the flames came! The flames went out when Keith turned off the power, luckily the flames didn't have a chance to ignite the insulation in the walls!!This is one of the firemen checking out the wall after they hosed it out.
Keith called our bishop and he along with two other men in the ward(one being an electrician) came over to help. They got the burned up area safe and the wires tied up so they wouldn't be a problem overnight and got our power turned back on. Keith slept on the couch last night with his flashlight, cell phone and fully dressed! I took the boys to my mom's house for the night, I was not comfortable with them staying at our house. After church today we came home and all is well. We cleaned up the mess from the wall being torn up, and arranged furniture so the hole won't be so appealing to little boys that like to get into things! We are staying at home tonight though. We were really lucky, had it been half hour later, we all would have been in bed and wouldn't have seen the smoke or realized that there was a fire until it would have been to late and would have ended up having to get out of the house through the window! As bad as it is, it could have been a whole lot worse. So, between the fire, Tommy's surgery and Tommy's infections I am done with my 3 bad things....who's next!!

BTW~ these pics were taken with my cell phone so the firemen wouldn't think i was crazy taking pictures for my blog!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Its beginning to look alot like....


Oh Happy Day!!

After a small infamous uh-oh this morning, I took Tommy to Babies R Us and we bought big boy sippy cups! He went from nursing to the take and toss sippy cups, he figured out how to take the lid off his take and toss cup today (luckily while he was outside) and dumped it upside down and of course said uh-oh mama! He switched to the real sippy cups just fine! The best part, when he throws them they don't leak!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fun Saturday!!

Saturday, Bela came over to play. We went to the Candy Chemist and made foot long pixie stix! We made our own caramel apples! The kids got to choose whatever special candy they wanted to decorate with plus two plates full of food and candies.
They had a good time! Tommy's favorite part was the free samples of candy! And of course getting a sucker.

Then, we went home and dropped off our candy and went to Circus Circus for one of David's classmates birthday party! Again we had a great time!!

All three kids were asleep before we left the parking garage! What a fun day!!

Friday, November 14, 2008


That seems to be Tommy's favorite thing to say right now is uh-oh. Usually it is after he does something, like throw his cup on the ground or take the remote and turn off the satelite. The other thing he likes to do is get into the fridge and play with the bottles of water. Last night I was making dinner and Tommy was happily playing with the water when he said "uh-oh mama uh-oh mama" and this is what I saw!!
That is a jar of mom's homemade jelly! Uh-oh is right!! Oh well, I wasn't to mad since I went to Costco yesterday morning and bought a big pack of paper towels and I didn't mop the floor yet like I had planned to!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

2 legged walker!

We went to the orthopedic surgeon yesterday to get Tommy's cast off! He did another x-ray and his leg is healing nicely. He gets to keep the cast off!! Yeah!
Tommy did not like the saw they used to cut the cast off. But, he's afraid of the hairdryer too, but he did pretty good once she got about halfway through cutting it off.
Tommy's 2 legs!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Brotherly Love

Only a brother that REALLY loves you would let you...dig and play in his belly button while yours is recovering!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008


We got the Target toy catalog today in the mail. David just came into my room with this...he told me that these are the things from Target that he wants for Christmas and he even cut out the coupons for me!! He asked me to find him a glue stick and some paper so he can glue together a Christmas list, till then he'll leave them on my bed so I don't forget!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Does it get better?!

So, we took Tommy to the pediatrician today because he has been running a low fever, 99-101 (today was the highest at 101.2). Since he's been home from the hospital he has had a nasty cough, which originally I thought was from the tube being down his throat during surgery. And he had 3 poopy diapers today and the last one was colored the same as his bloody one from Sunday night. After I saw that is when I called the pediatrician and in we went with his diaper! Turns out that it isn't blood, but they sent it to the lab just to be positive. As a side note, she gave us a standing order at Quest Diagnostics to take any questionable diaper in!! He ended up with a respiratory infection and is now needing to do breathing treatments!! SERIOUSLY!!! This is crazy!! I figure by the time Tommy is 2 he will have had everything and will not even have as much as a cold for the rest of his life!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

David is

having a fundraiser! He is selling cookie dough, pretzels, cheesecakes, cinnamon rolls, and bread as well as magazines! The magazines you can order online, they are $15 the link is you need to know his name, David McKeehan and the school is CT Sewell and I'm not sure if you need the school code or not, if you do it is 130288. The food items can not be ordered online, but they are all $14. Thanks!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tommy Update

Tommy is doing pretty good, all things considered!! He is still not eating, but is drinking and is really enjoying pediasure. Eating will come in time when he is feeling better. He is a little distraught that his belly button is now an outie, he used to be an innie and loved to play in his belly button. He was laying on the lovesac earlier today holding his shirt up rolling his belly button in between his fingers! He actually sat up on his own today and crawled a little when we let CoCo in!! And, has only had his Tylenol with codeine two times today!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Try saying that 3 times fast! That is what Tommy was diagnosed with Monday morning. Lets start at the beginning... about a day after Tommy broke his leg he started throwing up, we figured it was from the pain of his broken leg, then he started to have diarrhea, so we figured he got the flu. He was doing both probably 3-4 times a day. He hasn't had much of an appetite since he broke his leg either. Saturday(11/1) he started grabbing under his belly button and screamed a scream that I have never heard him do before, he was flipping around, couldn't be comforted and you could tell he was in pain. He did that for about 10 minutes before he finally let Keith pick him up. Through out the night he continued screaming every 30-45 minutes, but never as bad as that first one. Then he threw up all over Keith several times. It was very dark and very stinky, I ran him up to the doctor, they told me he was dehydrated and sent us to the emergency room. The ER doctor did an x-ray to role out intussusception, the x-ray came back negative for it, so we hydrated and went home with discharge instructions. Sunday Tommy did great drinking almost a whole gallon of gatorade and ate a little toast and mashed potatoes. Sunday night he had his first poopy diaper since he woke up Saturday morning. It looked like baby poop, but was brick red! After calling several medically inclined people we know (thanks guys!) I decided that I would let Tommy stay asleep and watch him while he slept and take him in to his pediatrician for a follow up first thing Monday morning. He did fine overnight. Monday we got the the pediatrician and he again wasn't eating or drinking. She pushed on his belly and said she was concerned about intussusception and was sending us back to the ER to do another x-ray but this time with berium. She told us that he could have it but it just wasn't present on Saturday. So back to the ER we go. We had the Chief Pediatric ER doctor as our doctor! She was great!! And Tommy did end up having intussusception. Unfortunately the berium enema x-ray did not clear Tommy up all the way, so they had to do emergency surgery on him.
This is Tommy getting ready to go upstairs for his surgery, I didn't have my camera with me, so I had to do phone pictures to be able to blog! He did great during his surgery and even got his appendix taken out! Kindof a two for the price of one deal!! No, the appendix is usually affected by this disease and needs to come out to get all the infection! He had a hard time waking up from the anesthetic, but was a trooper! We had a rough night, Tommy was in quite a bit of pain, but right now is not hooked up to the IV and is only taking tylenol for pain!! He is drinking, not eating yet, but is on the right track!! Thank you everyone for helping with David and with giving Tommy blessings and your prayers and thoughts!! Sorry we missed your big night Janine, and sorry Sarene that we are missing your birthday today! We hopefully will be seeing the doctor in the next few hours to see when we get to go home! The surgeon said last night 3-4 days, but the nurse is hopeful we will be able to go today!! Keep your fingers crossed!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Good News For...

We just found out that in December Keith will be going to Range Master School through the Department, and that he finished in the top 20 from the Senior and Sargent exams! Yeah Keith!!